Special Design Heavy Duty Press Brake


ERMAKSAN'S reliability, high quality products and advanced manufacturing techniques offers flexible and ideal solutions to the steadily changing world market, everyday developing technology and customers' special demands. Special ERMAKSAN press brakes fulfill the demands of the heavy-duty machine industry, transportation, windmills, power plants, defense industries and sectors which are manufacturing lightening poles with ERMAKSAN'S wide product range.

Tandem press brakes consists of at least two machines which are able to bend sheet and plate materials that are up to 32 meters on a single operation. These press brakes also have a feature of working together as well as working alone. Each machine is equipped with separate hydraulic, electrical and electronic equipments. All the equipments used as standard and optional accessories are chosen particularly from the latest technology using companies whose products are accepted worldwide. Squiring the high performance with high efficiency by the user is our basic principle. User friendly and reliable working environment providing complex Hydraulic system which you can use free of problems for years. Bending tools at various dimensions and special types. High precision bending opportunity with adjustable tonnage, back gauge and stroke adjustment according to tooling and sheet metal specs.

Synchronized Hydraulic Press Brake Series


Your new future trend... Production times are the most important profit issues of enterprises. SPEED-BEND series is designed to enable speed and high quality production capability in order to decrease time unit costs in a competitive environment.


Free-fall, bending and return speeds of Speed Bend series press brakes are increased according to the needs of today. The SPEED BEND SERIES offer 2 times faster production capacity compared to conventional CNC press brakes.
While increasing the speed, engineers of ERMAKSAN R & D did not forget to apply a long stroke and beam opening(day light) features for users. Furthermore,the top beam motion distance and beam opening was increased in Speed Bend series. In this way, deep bendings can be done through longer tools , parts can be easy taken out from front of the machine and long Z-type parts can be bended by usage of high sub-tools which are provided as standard.

CNC back gauges produced and designed by Ermaksan work very fast and accurate. The strong construction ensures an efficient operation of the mechanism for long years. The system is moving on servo motor driven ball screw shafts and on linear bearings with an accuracy of 0.01.
Z1 + Z2 + X1 + X2 + R1 + R2 and axis are given as optional.
If you are looking for speed ,versatility and high efficiency, so Speed Bend press brakes series is the right choice.
POWER-BEND 3 Axis Synchronized
Hydraulic Press Brake Series 


ERMAKSAN'S CNC 3 Axes Synchronized Hydraulic Press Brake that is manufactured by the quality and expert engineering experience proven worldwide is designed to provide long-life service and operate at high precision for years.
Power Bend Series have various features and automation included in its standard features and also has a major place and significance in the press brake market. The components used in the machine are selected among the best brands worldwide.

POWER BEND is equipped with DNC600S CNC control unit featuring 2D graphic display and high programming capacity. Along with the easy-programming feature, the controller with 2D graphic display is able to guide the operator for precision bending process at one go. The controller is easily programmed, set the strokes, angle,bending tonnage and back gauge distance automatically and displays the bending sequence to the operator for guidance.
In the POWER BEND series flexibility and high efficiency is the aim for different production demands and excessive set up times are eliminated.
POWER-BEND PRO 3 Axis Synchronized Hydraulic Press Brake Series 


POWER-BEND PRO 3 Axis Synchronized Hydraulic Press Brake Series 

If your aim is to provide important developments in quality, productivity, esthetic and security aspects, ERMAK POWER-BEND is what you looking for.

POWER-BEND series is developed for works with wide variety and where production speed is important. Syncro system is provided by synchronized cylinders with proportional valve technology like in SPEED-BEND machines. And this means bending angle with maximum precision. CYBELEC DNC 60PS is used in POWER-BEND.

This controllers' easy usage, high capacity and fast processing power, durability and service network all around the world provides your machine high performance.
EVOLUTION Hybrid Press Brakes 


ERMAKSAN combining its 30 years press brake manufacturing experience with latest technologies, presents new generation Evolution series hybrid press brakes. Fast, silent, precise, environmentally friendly and energy saving EVOLUTION series press brakes provides faultless bending of small parts even at different points by its high repetition and bending precision features.

Hydraulic pistons are being driven by AC servo motors without proportional direction valves on EVOLUTION series hybrid press brakes. No need to positioning valves means more precision and less maintenance. And there is no pressure loss. While the pump is working contiuously all the day ordinary press brakes, there is onlny energy consumption when the operator pushes the foot pedal and moves the top beam for bending on Evolution series hybrid press brakes. As there is no pressure loss, energy i.e. bending power is at highest level. Oil level is also reduced 80%. there is no oil heat up and the oil has long life-time
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