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SUNRISE FLUID POWER INC. has been manufacturing hydraulic products and equipment for more than 23 years. Sunrise has installed thousands of machines in the United States and in over 50 countries around the world.
The SUNRISE HYDRAULIC IRONWORKERS are designed with multiple functions to save labor, time, energy and cost. This versatility allows the SUNRISE Ironworkers to meet the diversified needs of your metal fabricating shop. The SUNRISE product line includes hydraulic ironworkers, hydraulic punching machines, bending machines, cylinders, and more. SUNRISE is ISO-9001 certified and all SUNRISE products meet all CE safety requirements and regulations. Total customer satisfaction is the number one goal. The SUNRISE products are serviced and supported from their showroom in Maryland. Machines, Parts and Service are all just a phone call away!
The semi-automatic CNC positioning tables from SUNRISE are affordable plate and angle positioning systems with simple user-friendly interfaces.
The CNC positioning table is available as a factory-installed option on any Dual-Cylinder Ironworker or Punching Machine with a 20” or larger throat depth.
The operation is CNC controlled using a pendant mounted graphic controller featuring easy programming and a virtually indestructible design. The operator simply positions the plate against the CNC-controlled X and Y stops and initiates the punch sequence.
The hydraulic bending machine is the newest addition to the SUNRISE product line of high quality and reliable hydraulic metal working machines. A wide range of tooling is available for different bending operations. Custom tooling is also available.
SUNRISE horizontal bending machines (HBM) feature:
- Excellent repeatability of stroke with an accuracy of +- 0.002" with Digital Linear Encoder and Proximity Sensors
- Programmable touch screen controller
- Standard Name brand electric and hydraulic components ensure machine reliability
- CNC machined one-piece solid table design
- Manual back gauge is included for accurate positioning.
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