Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


ERMAKSAN presents the new Fiber Laser Cutting Machine FIBERMAK to its user’s service.
FIBERMAK is a peerless machine in laser cutting technology with its strong design, ultra low energy consumption, fast cutting capacity and almost zero maintenance cost.
FIBERMAK transmits the laser beam onto the sheet metal by fiber cables and its cutting quality with high beam density is perfect on thin sheets compared to other alternatives. Fiber laser cutting technology proves high quality cuttings at very fast speeds. The energy consumption is 70% less compared to CO2 lasers. You’ll also benefit from easy cutting of reflecting materials as aluminum, copper, brass etc. via low wavelength depending to its working principle.
3 times faster compared to other laser cutting machines while cutting thin sheets. Axes equipped with linear motors and drivers reach to 141 m/min. speed and accelerations are 2 G on Y, 2 G on X axes. Fiber laser is a green technology by saving minimum 50% from electricity. There is no need of laser gas mixture.There is no need for optical components as laser transmitting is done by fiber cable. There is no need for components such as beam path, folding mirror, quartz tube, bellows and turbo blower etc. Save 50% per each part cost by efficient 24 hours production a day. Prevent production faults by automation at your promises. Extended cutting possibilities of reflecting materials such as aluminum, copper, brass etc. by enabling precise cuts and smooth surface quality. Heavy-duty constructed FIBERMAK frame, equipped with worldwide well known, long-lasting, high-quality components is designed to work accurately and continuously even in hard conditions. ERMAKSAN commits reflecting the price advantage to its customers by fast and high quality production. Creative design, constant highest level technology and quality are the main principles.
MAIN FEATURES: Excellent Beam Parameter Product (BPP); Constant BPP Over Entire Power Range; Small Focus over Large Working Distance; Over 30% Wall-Plug Efficiency; Maintenance Free Operation; Modular 'Plug & Play' DesignCompact, Rugged & Easy to Install; Estimated Diode Lifetime up to 100,000 hours; and Integrated Coupler or Beam Switch. 
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